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Just 4 easy steps to T-shirt fame !

  • Get to know what we are looking for

    Topastic is all about challenging standardized off-the-peg clothing with some seriously artistic, intelligent tees! Think outside the 'high street' box for a revolutionary design with something to say!

    Please refer to Topastic's Design Guidelines for full details on how to submit your design.

  • Submit your design

    Simply fill in the online form and submit your attached graphic. Provided your great design idea is in digital format and complies with our guidelines, your design will be online on our site.

  • Get a score

    The real fun starts as you watch the Topastic community score your design. Improve your chances of a top score by inviting your friends to join in and cast their vote!

  • Win rewards for maximum awesomeness!

    If your work receives one of the highest scores we will ask you to submit a final version of your design so it can be turned into a fantastic Topastic tee! You will even be credited alongside the design. You will then receive £100 and be promoted together with our top designers.

Submit your great design now!

The best designs submitted will be selected for scoring with highest scoring designs rewarded and added to the Topastic range.

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Please download and use Topastic's tee templates