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Design Guidelines

Please read our guidelines to give your design the best chance of success.

Topastic challenges the standards of mainstream fashion by promoting original clothing design created by artistic individuals.

Submission guidelines for your design idea

Design file upload formats

Both files should be prepared for screen display in line with the following specifications:

  • Size

  • RGB Color mode

  • 72dpi

  • .PNG file

Available background colours

Choose a T-shirt colour that best suits your design:

  • #ffffff
  • #000000
  • #ADD5F1
    blue light
  • #FFF6DC
  • #006E3A
  • #472916

Please Note

We expect the final version of your graphic to look exactly like your original design submission, although occasionally we may suggest some changes. Please read the requirements for a final version submission (below) before you start working on your idea to make sure you understand the expected outcome and avoid any surprises.

Final version guidelines (for print)

  • Graphics - We prioritise vector graphics such as Illustrator .ai or Photoshop (smart object) .psd files. However, occasionally we can allow raster graphics for selected designs.
  • Size and orientation - Selected designs will be printed on one side of a T-shirt in portrait orientation. The largest image that fits all T-shirt sizes is 35cm wide x 45 cm high. Occasionally we will resize a graphic that requires modification to ensure it fits all sizes of T-shirt.
  • Print quality - Resolution required for print is 300dpi in CMYK colour mode.
  • Colours - Theoretically the number of colours you can have is unlimited but we prefer designs to be limited to 8 colours as we believe this makes stronger and cleaner looking designs. It is important you check the compatibility of your design colours with those you chose from our tee template.
  • Text - Designs can contain text, preferably in English, alongside images. However, designs that consist exclusively of text are likely to be considered too simple to reach our expectations.
  • Content - Designs containing inappropriate, offensive or pornographic material will be removed from the Topastic web site. Please remember that a large part of our community is under age. Please read Topastic's Terms and Conditions and Legal Terms to make sure you understand your legal responsibilities.

Tips from the Topastic Team

Offering something uniquely creative and aesthetically striking is not an easy task, so here are some useful tips you can consider.

  1. Age free - although the majority of the Topastic community consists of young people, we are looking for ultimate diversity in artistic expression across any age group.
  2. Culturally independent - as Topastic will be promoted on European forums, we suggest you avoid specific cultural references in your designs, which will often not be understood by the majority.
  3. Unisex - don't forget that the designs we select will be used on both girls' and guys' tees, so unisex designs will have a higher chance of success.
  4. Message - remember the old phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? We want Topastic's designs to be more than just decorative and ideally communicate some message.